General Information:


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School Goals

Our school sets out to provide programs and opportunities which will assist children to:

- grow and develop in a happy atmosphere, and learn to have respect for themselves and their peers.

- acquire, and successfully develop, the basic skills of literacy and numeracy which in turn will enable them to be truly independent in their search for knowledge and understanding.

- relate successfully to other children and adults, so that they show courtesy and consideration to all members of their community.

- develop their creativity and imagination so that they may contribute to, and be appreciative of, their own culture, and the cultures of other societies.

- become self-disciplined and responsible individuals.


Parents are advised that there are Policy Statements relating to the education of the children. They are generally known as the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) documents. Our school programs are reviewed regularly to ensure that they meet the objectives of the VELS. They are lengthy documents and statements, but are available from the general office for parent perusal.

School Hours

Our children are “in school” from:
8.50am - 10.50am
11.10am - 1.10pm
2.10pm - 3.10pm 


The wearing of uniform is compulsory.
Our uniform consists of many different styles and choices with the main colours being dark green, white and grey. As our school is a Sun Smart School the wearing of a hat/cap will be enforced during Terms 1 and 4.
New and second-hand uniform items are available through the Parents' Club Uniform Shop as well as art smocks and library bags. School Bags available from Ross Bateman Menswear.
We require that all clothing be clearly and permanently named as un-named articles are often unclaimed - causing great inconvenience as well as financial loss to parents.
Lost property will be placed on pegs near Room 8. Unclaimed articles are donated to charity each term. Uniform items are washed and resold as secondhand clothing.


Juniors (Prep-2) eat lunch under teacher supervision from 1.05 pm.
Seniors eat under teacher supervision from 1.10 pm.
Under normal circumstances, food is eaten in the verandah or courtyard areas outside each classroom, so that carpets can be kept clean. On days of extreme weather conditions, lunch will be taken in the multi-purpose room, which has a vinyl floor.


Canteen Manager - Fiona Smith & Tanya Black
Canteen Phone Number - 03 54 562121 (This is a separate line - the General Office cannot connect
-All parents are expected to take turns to assist with Canteen Duty, the roster is published in full with reminders on the weekly Newsletter. There are various shift options to suit different people.
-Lunches are available each day except Wednesdays and on special occasions, of
which notice will be given. The Canteen may also be closed at some stage, if we are unable to raise enough voluntary assistance.
- Orders should be written on lunch bags with the NAME and GRADE of the child CLEARLY written on the bag.
- Price changes, and menu changes, are made known via the school's newsletter.
- The canteen has `summer' and `winter' menus, as well as monthly ‘Specials’.
- Canteen is run strictly on a cash basis - no credit is given.
Download Canteen Menu
Download Canteen Window Sales Menu


When your child has been absent, it is necessary for you to submit an absence form,
explaining the reason for the absence. This is a legal requirement for our Attendance Rolls.
Absence forms are available from the office.
Bus absences are to be listed on the Bus Board outside General Office.

Curriculum Days

The Government allows schools to conduct curriculum/planning and reporting days each year. Planning programs and studying new or different ideas is the purpose of these days. The number of them varies from time to time, but is usually four.
The first three school days are allocated state-wide as curriculum days. Students will not attend the first three days of school. 
Attendance of students is not required, and parents will be given plenty of advance notice, so that arrangements may be made for the care of your children. We try to ensure that as many days as possible coincide with those chosen by the Secondary College and/or St. Mary's P. S.
School Council is also able to grant one holiday per year, to coincide with the local government gazetted holiday, or, if there is no such day, on a day requested by the majority of staff.

Bus Travellers

Currently eight buses convey children to our school. To be eligible for free travel by school bus to our school, children must reside a minimum of 4.8 Km. from their nearest school. If that school is ours, or another school which does not have a bus service to it, they can legitimately catch a bus to Cohuna Consolidated School. If you live closer than 4.8 Km. to another school your child should attend there or be a fee paying traveller to our school. Students living closer than 4.8 Km. to our school can be granted permission to travel here if there is spare seating on the bus. New travellers must apply at Cohuna Secondary College for permission to travel on the buses.
At 3.10 pm. each day, bus travellers assemble at the front of the school in their respective bus lines and names are checked off on a roll. Bus rolls are marked by monitors both morning and afternoon and children leaving school in any other way, must place their names in the appropriate space on the master bus roll outside the main office.
We have Bus Captains who help us manage behaviour on the buses. Students receive one warning for bad behaviour on the bus and are suspended from travel for a period, the second time they misbehave. Our drivers must concentrate on their driving, so we ask parents to help encourage sensible behaviour.

Bike Travellers

In line with Government Legislation, children riding their bikes to school must wear their helmets at all times and provision will be made for storage of helmets in the classroom during school hours if needed.
The Victorian Bike Education Committee recommends that CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 9,
DON'T RIDE UNSUPERVISED. Our school takes the opportunity to develop road safety awareness etc., at a number of levels, through the Bike Education Policy and Program.

Student Requirements

A list of student requirements will be given to parents prior to the beginning of the school year. This will list any extra items that need to be provided to the school for your child's use. These items include an art smock and a library bag.

Discipline Policy

It is anticipated that this Discipline Policy will provide guidelines to all relevant groups - students, staff and parents, regarding appropriate codes of conduct, that will permit our school to function successfully.

We aim to adopt a positive approach, and to develop an environment in which students, staff, parents and the community can interact in a constructive, harmonious and caring manner.
To successfully achieve this aim, we need to establish co-operation and understanding between the teacher and the child. The relationships which are developed in the classroom are of paramount importance.

Furthermore, the contributions made by parents in supporting the broad aims of the school and the more specific objectives of the classroom, cannot be over emphasized. They are valuable indeed, and must be fostered.

We believe that it is possible to achieve an atmosphere in the school, where people are treated with care and consideration, and where all members of the school community avoid behaviour which may harm themselves or others. Our plan is to make this possible.

Harmful behaviour includes all actions which may cause:-
a. Disruption to the smooth running of the school
b. Mental and/or physical harm to self or others
c. Damage and/or interference to property

In order to provide a school situation which prevents the above from occurring, it is necessary to establish rules. In this document we concern ourselves with those areas over which we have some control.

1. The use of positive reinforcement in the program.
2. Behaviour and discipline within the classroom.
3. Behaviour and discipline outside the classroom.
4. School Rules.
5. The administration of Time-Out and Detention.

This revision of our Discipline Policy continues to use the elements of Positive Reinforcement. It attempts to make use of a better monitoring system for ensuring that the consequences of misbehaviour are applied fairly and consistently in the majority of cases. Use of the Detention Slip system, and strong support from parents, is central to the success of this process which aims to improve the environment for all students.

Health Issues

We are not equipped nor qualified to be a medical centre, and our sick-bay is only a holding area until a child may be given to the parent, the parent's emergency contact, or the medical authorities. However, when there are times that children need to be medicated, the medication with strict and clear instructions, must be left at the main office please. Sanitary supplies are kept at school for girls who commence menstruation during the school day.

Our school is a Sun Smart School and we conduct a positive campaign to encourage children to wear suitable headgear during the summer period. We believe that ALL children should wear hats and sunscreen. Duty Staff set the example as they patrol the grounds. This issue is a very important one, and alternatives to play, if children do not have the necessary protection, will be enforced.

Children of all ages are likely to be in contact with head lice at some stage. Parents should
thoroughly examine the hair of children at least once or twice weekly for eggs (they are small and
stuck to the hair) or the adult lice. If you find nits or lice please keep your child at home until treated.

School Council

In March of each year, half the parent-elected members of the Council will retire, so it is possible that an election will be held. The council consists of 8 parent-elected members (who must be parents of children enrolled at the school), one member nominated by Parents' Club (annually), another one year co-opted person and 4 members elected by the staff. The Principal is also a member.
The Council has ever-broadening responsibilities and is responsible for many decisions regarding the buildings and grounds, the financial management of the school, and the curriculum. Much of the curriculum responsibility may be delegated to the Principal and staff, but the Council still bears
ultimate responsibility for the functioning of the school.
The President of the Council, or any of its members, will always be ready to listen to any problem which may cause a parent concern. Normally however, it is suggested that problems be outlined to the Principal, who may well be able to resolve them immediately.
The School Council is important to the education of your child. You should give serious thought to whether you might serve as a member for one or more terms. We meet on the second Monday of the month, and for a minimum of eight meetings during the year. The Council has sub-committees based on the School Charter Goals - Curriculum, Management and Accountability, Resources and Environment. 

The 2012 School Council office bearers are as follows:
Vice President- 
Executive Officer-

Parents' Club

The Parents' Club has a number of objectives/responsibilities, which include:
- organising the School Uniform Shop.
- providing an opportunity for the social introduction of new parents to the school community.
- enabling parents to learn about the operation of the school and the management of its resources.
- being a vehicle through which parents may find ways and places in which they can help the school in its many tasks.
- raising funds to supplement Government funding and improve the teaching/learning facilities available to the children.
- providing a forum in which parents may express concerns, ask questions, and obtain answers - generally from the Principal who attends Parents' Club meetings whenever possible, for that purpose.
Parents' Club meetings are advertised in the newsletter and we would love to see some new faces!

The 2012 Parents' Club office bearers are as follows:
Vice President- 
School Council Representative-


An intensive Swimming Program operates and the success of this is very reliant on assistance from parents. It is not possible for the school to keep group sizes within the guidelines without your help.
Furthermore, parents who take up the challenge to be Austswim trained are in great demand. We will pay for the training if you agree to help us in our program.
Annual Athletic Sports and a Cross Country Event will be held.
Regular P.E. and Sports sessions are held for all classes in the school. Parents should be aware of these sessions so that children come properly prepared. Non-participation requires a note from parents.
We are also members of a number of Primary School Sports Organisations. This enables individual students to test their sporting abilities in more competitive company and develops a strong team spirit amongst those who represent the school in team games. In past years our students have done very well at various levels, up to and including the Australian Championships, a level reached by two of our students.
Parents who are particularly interested and/or gifted in particular sports may like to offer themselves for sports days - we are always looking for new sports and people who can help us bring those sports to our students.

Other information

All of this information as well as other important details are contained in our Parent Information Manual. This document can be downloaded by clicking here
We can also post a copy of the Parent Information Manual to you.

Staff and Classes for 2016



School Strategic Plan

Cohuna Consolidated School must provide a comprehensive education for all students, which enables them to achieve their academic, social, and physical potential. The school is committed to instilling high expectations, and believes all students will learn and grow in self-confidence and esteem.
Our school strategic plan for 2006-2008 is outlined in full by downloading this document:

The school Annual Implementation Plan can also be downloaded by clicking on the following link:

Camps and excursions

To provide a planned series of educational experiences designed to enable children to mix socially with their peers and to extend their understanding of the world about them.
To provide a springboard for a wide range of activities.

*Regular camps and excursions should provide:
*Planning and pre-excursion activities;
*Broadening experiences;
*Stimulation of further learning;
*Opportunity for community and family involvement;
*Children to experience different life styles and environments;
*Promotion of follow up activities;
*The opportunity to develop independence;

Each child should be provided with the opportunity to participate in camps, excursions or sleep-overs.
Prep: BBQ tea with parents / teachers, local day excursions(s).
Grade 1: Indoor sleepover, local day excursion(s).
Grade 2: Tent sleepover in local area, local day excursion(s)
Prep, Grade 1 and Grade 2 can visit such places as Kyabram Fauna Park, Echuca, Swan Hill and Wetlander etc. on a rotational basis.
Grade 3 and 4: Local / Day excursions and / or overnight stays to a maximum of 4 nights per year.
Alternate excursions to Melbourne and an outdoor camp at Corop.
Grade 5 and 6: Local/Day excursions, overnight camps and/or one extended excursion to a maximum of 5 nights.
Alternate excusions to Canberra and Ballarat (Sovereign Hill)
Now that the school consists of 1/2, 3/4 and 5/6 teaching groups the camping and excursions policy will need to be applied on two year rotation.