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Student Information:




Cohuna Consolidated School Student Code of Conduct:



Staff at Cohuna Consolidated School will strive to actively promote resilience, pro-active behaviour and a self- determination for students to do their personal best in all situations.



The school is a positive environment in which all teachers assume responsibility for student welfare, provide successful experiences for all children, feel safe and secure in a supportive environment and where a sense of belonging and wellbeing are strengthened. A culture of positive reinforcement and encouragement will permeate all facets of our school.


· The school will adopt a proactive and strategic stance with issues of student welfare, rather than operating in a consistently reactive mode.
· Developing the wellbeing of our students is central to our role as a school, and is reflected in our whole school philosophy.
· Student work and achievements will be regularly showcased and publicly recognised.
· Our school will value and encourage student individuality, differences and diversity, sharing, tolerance and compassion among children.
· To develop pride in the school, opportunities for leadership will be promoted through School Captains, House Captains, Bus Captains and Junior School Council membership.
· Programs that provide for the emotional health of students, such as ‘Buddies’, Transition, ‘You Can Do It’ Harm Minimisation, Preparation For Puberty, Solving the Jigsaw, Tribes, Peer Support and Peer Mediation will underpin our curriculum.
· The curriculum will be broad, provide for the needs of individual students, and be developed to cater for multiple intelligences.
· Through individual classrooms, programs will be developed to cater for children identified with specific needs. This is done through creating support groups, individual learning plans and ongoing monitoring.
· The Well Being Team will consist of the Principal and Assistant Principal and a staff representative, who will meet regularly and discuss programs with classroom teachers.
· Strategies detailed in the ‘Framework for Student Support Services in Victorian Government Schools’ will be implemented across the school.
· The school will provide access to DE&T, regional and network staff with wellbeing and/or welfare expertise as required.
· Staff will be provided with professional development regarding student wellbeing, the implementation of wellbeing programs, and the resolution of wellbeing issues.


First Day 2017

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Wednesday 1st Feb 1st day of school for Grade 1—Grade 6 students